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Single Service Control (top)

We at Sound Shore Pest Control strive to achieve fast effective treatment results.  Our staff is well trained and continuously updated on new pest control procedures and regulations.    We will diagnose and service your pest problem using clean high quality pest control products. Call us today at (914) 777- BUGS for a free consultation and to discuss to your pest problem. We will recommend to you what appropriate measures can be taken for the best value.

Ants, Mice, Rats,

Termites, Spiders, Moths

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Mites, Pillbugs, Voles

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Termite Control  (top)

Because termites consume cellulose, any wood material in a house is a potential food source, but they may also damage non-wood material in search of food.  Termites rarely show themselves in the open, infestations can be difficult to detect until damage becomes severe.

When subterranean termites search for food above ground, they may enter a house through small cracks or joints in the foundation, or by building shelter tubes along the foundation wall. These tubes are highways connecting the underground termite population with above ground food sources. 

Because of their cryptic nature, structural infestations of subterranean termites are usually not visible. Most people become aware of an infestation when annual flights of winged termites (called alates or swarmers) occur in structures.  After a brief flight, the alates drop to the ground and shed their wings. Females begin to search for potential nesting sites such as moist soil near wood, and males follow closely behind. The pair forms a royal chamber in a moist site near wood and begin laying eggs, thus starting the life cycle of a subterranean termite colony. Individuals hatched from eggs (called larvae) molt into workers. Some workers may molt into the soldier caste or become alates by molting first into alate nymphs. Some workers or nymphs are capable of becoming supplementary reproductives and take over the role of queen or king if and when a primary reproductive dies or is distanced from part of the colony. It may take five to 10 years for a single pair of alates to form a mature colony that produces alates.

Many other companies use termite control programs that only rely on termite baiting to control the termites.  Which in its self may take a long time to work. We at Sound Shore Pest Control take termite control very seriously.  We implement the "Whitmire Advance Termite Bait System  " together with a comprehensive program that includes termite baiting, liquids, and conducive condition control to rapidly eliminate your termite problem. If you are having a problem with termites,  call us and we will customize a program for you that will eliminate the termites quickly and at a reasonable cost.

Seasonal Pest Barrier Service: top

Annoying insects and rodents are attracted to your home in search of food, shelter, warmth and breeding sites. They invade homes through tiny cracks and crevices that are common around the outside of all homes.  They nest and breed in basements, window and door frames crawl spaces, attics, kitchen cabinets, wall voids and sometimes carpets and furniture. Some bite, sting, contaminate food and stain your walls. While others do damage to your home, cause skin irritations and spread disease.

Carpenter Ants, as you know, can cause serious unseen damage to the wood frame of your house. They come in a variety of sizes. Some have wings but most do not. Many homeowners are unaware they have carpenter ant problems until it is too late.

Our professional staff is trained to inspect for pest activity and seek out tiny cracks and crevices around the outside of your home that serve as entry points for insects and rodents. We then seal or treat these tiny openings and other spot traffic areas with a Clean and Precise application of insecticide. This will deter and kill insects that cross its path and will limit or eliminate the need for pesticide applications on the inside of the house.

"No Pesticide is applied to the interior your home

unless it is necessary or requested by you."

We also carefully inspect the outside of your house for conducive conditions that may lead to pest problems and Carpenter Ant activity. We then treat these areas with a highly effective Bait that the carpenter ants feed on and carry back to the nest for their ultimate demise. We recommend quarterly service,  however the service can be customized to monthly, bi-monthly or yearly.  

Call Us Today If You Have Any Questions or If You Want to Schedule an Inspection

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Rodent Control   top

If you hear strange noises in your house or have found rodent droppings or other signs of rodent activity,  corrective action should be taken ASAP.  Rodents feces and urine contribute to a host of health related illness as well as fire and other safety concerns. 

They are prolific breeders and will multiply quickly in great numbers.  Therefore acting fast and effectively is essential.

Sometimes it is not a matter of several mice or rats that are getting into your house.  It is often one pregnant female that enters and drops a litter.  Some initial litters contain numerous females causing infestations to develop rapidly.

Understanding the rodents nesting habits and finding entry points to your house is essential for a quick elimination and preventing a reinfestation from developing.

Our Professional Staff is well trained and very experienced in all rodent control issues. 

Call us at (914) 777- BUGS to schedule an appointment for a consultation and to discuss your rodent control issue. We will recommend a control procedure that will address your current infestation and locate harborages or other conducive conditions on your property that may have contributed to the initial problem.



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